How You Found Me

Here are some of the interesting search phrases that people used to find my blog…

  • i am object
  • felis domesticatus [ed: we think alike]
  • sexy
  • java boobs [ed: kinky]
  • boobs java [ed: worth another try]
  • 20 liner
  • slinger boobs [ed: the word is “bra”]
  • a to c fake boobs [ed: no interest in anything larger?]
  • fake c boobs [ed: more specific]
  • contortionist
  • dreaming bool [ed: now that’s nerdy]
  • javascript double bang
  • javascript “bang bang”
  • how to escape html innertext [ed: I hope you managed to break free]
  • provocative words in spanish
  • dreaming boobs [ed: sorry you had to wake up]
  • 9,007,199,254,740,992 [ed: welcome math nerds]
  • weird things to do while dreaming [ed: Man, I want to party with you!]
  • javascript floating point numbers don’t [ed: Then they aren’t witches]
  • multiplying anonymous functions [ed: I don’t know what you’re talking about, but it sounds like the kind of thing that could cause the end of the world.]
  • do not use == to compare against falsy [ed: Douglas Crockford has been hounding you, hasn’t he?]
  • executioner axe [ed: You’re scaring me]
  • contortion nymph [ed: awesome!]
  • cher sexy pictures [ed: You have Moonstruck on DVD, don’t you?]
  • escapehtmlencode [ed: Take a breath once in a while, would ya?]
  • how to fake boobs in a program [you’ll never fool anyone]

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